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Ok, let’s face facts…

It’s universally agreed that Social Networking is here to stay. Just look at the power of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other networks! Simply put, if social networking is not working for your business, then be assured that it’s working AGAINST IT.

Utilizing social networking and marketing gives even the smallest business-owner the power to share, go viral, and dramatically explode their businesses. Both locally, and GLOBALLY.

Properly utilizing social media and web 2.0 sites to build your business is no longer an option. If you don’t do it, your competition WILL!


And you can bet that it will affect you, AND your business!


Some More Facts:

Proper utilization of Social Media and Web 2.0 offers a variety of benefits:

  1. It allows your message and content to be easily shared and engaged. It encourages interaction!
  2. It reduces your business’ dependency on paid advertising – thus saving you money and boosting profits!
  3. It creates what’s called social “buzz” and social “proof! Which search engines like Google now consider very important when ranking websites on their search results for your highly valuable keywords!
  4. It gives your business the best opportunity for VIRAL MARKETING! Simply put: Viral Marketing is the newest evolution of “Word of mouth” advertising. And it’s VERY powerful. Best of all, this kind of marketing is almost FREE!


Despite all these benefits, the unfortunate reality is that most businesses simply do NOT effectively tap into the powerful realm of Social and Web 2.0. Even worse, the vast majority of business and website owners think that just having a good website, maybe a Facebook page and a Twitter account is enough.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. They’re not.


It’s how you utilize your accounts that makes all the difference.


In order to fully tap into the power of what can only be called a TRUE “Marketing Revolution”, you need to be on the leading edge. Not the trailing edge. Being on the leading edge means MAXIMIZING the amazing array of social media channels that are available to you. Your strategy implementation needs to be effective, easy to manage, and definitely needs to show up on your bottom line.

Not only does it need to be easy. It needs to be easy and time-saving! This means being able to manage it without doling out excessive, repetitive, “grunt” work. Thus stretching the limits of your already overworked staff!


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Managing your social marketing needs to be EASY!

It needs to be EFFECTIVE!

Most of all, it needs to be PROFITABLE!



And that’s why you’re here!


So let’s keep it simple!

The three main challenges you face now with your new-found

arsenal of social and web 2.0 accounts are:


Customization – you definitely want all your accounts personalized. They can be personalized and branded to you, or anybody, even someone anonymous. It all depends on how you plan on using the accounts to market yourself.

Syndication – you want to be able to effectively push out your content updates to your many different accounts! This is what starts the viral wave of sharing.

Automation – you want to be able to do your syndication in as few steps as possible, and in as little time as possible. That requires automation! Which luckily costs very little to acquire and operate!


Overcome those challenges, and you are IN THE CLEAR!


It really is that simple.

Have a well-conceived strategy that will work for you and your business, get the right tools, and implement them! Get your message out via your social networks and other sites, so it’s shared by your customers and fans. SIMPLE. The “snowball effect” you create over time by executing properly, virtually assures your business’ success in your social marketing and networking efforts!

It’s not rocket science, but you need to do it RIGHT!

Here’s how we can get your social marketing efforts working

effectively, and on AUTO PILOT, right OUT OF THE GATE!


1. We’ll customize your social and web 2.0 account profiles so they are personalized with the picture (avatar) and bio/about me information of your choice. This will save you HOURS of work doing it yourself! – Just $20.00 for all your accounts!

2. We’ll get all your accounts properly linked to the respective hub accounts in a way that they work seamlessly with each other, allowing you to syndicate your content from just a couple of hub accounts instead of all the individual accounts! This syndication capability is POWERFUL and will leverage your business’ presence online in ways that you previously could not imagine! – Just $20.00 for our linking service!

NOTE: We highly recommend you upgrade your Hootsuite or Onlywire account that we create for you if choosing this option! At a cost of $9.99 – 12.99 per month (depending on which one you choose), you will have SIGNIFICANTLY higher syndication capabilities. It’s well worth the meager cost!

3. If you have a WordPress site (if you don’t yet, talk to us, we can help you with that!), we’ll install a PHENOMENAL plugin called Syndication Rockstar that will allow you to seamlessly and automatically syndicate your posts, updates, pages, videos, WHATEVER you post on your WordPress site…. AUTOMATICALLY! We are a licensed developer of Syndication Rockstar, and a licensed copy of this amazing and rather pricey software is INCLUDED! – Just $40.00 covers EVERYTHING, installation, configuration, and the license!


NOTE: These are the same hot services that we sell on Fiverr as Extra Gigs! Just check out our page and see for yourself!


We make it easy, choose only the add-ons you want!

We know you may want to do some of the work yourself, or set up your own syndication, so feel free!  If your time is truly money, then just let US do it all for you!


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And right now, for a limited time,

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Choose all 3 of our add-ons together!

Buy all 3 and save $13.00
off our Fiverr Price!

Only $67.00!


For such a low cost, you can have your entire social network and web 2.0 empire completely automated and working for you from DAY ONE!  The incredible value, and the time and money you will save by taking advantage of these is quite simply, undeniable!


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Social-Web 2.0 Account Creation-Add-On Services


 Special Discount Rate for All
Three Add-on Services!

Just $67.00 – SAVE $13 for a limited time!



That’s right, once your order these services, and upgrade either your Onlywire or Hootsuite account (only a recommendation – starting at just $9.99 a month!) and there is literally NOTHING else to purchase! You’ll immediately start crushing it on your business or website’s social marketing! Just add your content!

This is an limited offer, that quite frankly, will go up once we hit our quota. It’s simply our way of introducing our services to other buyers outside of the Fiverr realm. While we do all we can to keep our rates low, we simply will not be able to sustain this price for long!


So Make The Right Choice! And thanks again for ordering from BizwebResource!


No Thanks! While I can see the value of having you guys professionally set up everything for me, I’d rather just get my accounts created only. Please take me to where I can complete my order.

Questions? Comments? Email Us or Leave a comment below!

We’ll answer, we promise! 🙂

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Have some questions before ordering?

Here are some of the more common questions and answers:

What is your guarantee?

I guarantee that you’ll be happy with your purchase! If you’re not, just drop me a note within 30 days. You’ll be refunded promptly, no questions asked!

Can I use my own email account for my accounts?

The answer is yes! If you have your own Gmail or Hotmail/Live that you wish to use for your accounts, we just need the login, password and pop server information (if it’s any of the major email services, like Gmail, Hotmail, Live, or GMX, we already have that, no worries). You will be asked this on your order form. In regards to Gmail it’s VERY important that you activate POP for your account, and set it to download ALL mail, even if downloaded. You will see this option on your settings, and the “Forwarding and POP” tab on your gmail. Be aware that if we can’t access your account for any reason, we will automatically default back to a generic account created by us.

What exactly is a “Hub” account?

Hub accounts are quite simply, Social or 2.0 accounts that allow you to syndicate and/or share your content updates you post on one account to all the other accounts linked to those hubs, easily and automatically. Hootsuite and Onlywire are among the bigger and better of them, and we will recommend you upgrade your Onlywire to get the full benefit of this package.

Can’t I use the free version of Onlywire, Hootsuite and the other hub accounts? Why should I have to upgrade?

You don’t have to upgrade. You will still be able to syndicate your content to at least some of your social accounts and 2.0 sites without the paid upgrade. However, Onlywire recently reduced the number of accounts you can link up using it down from 20+ accounts to 8 (and that will probably go down to 5 soon!). Hootsuite’s free account is about the same.

In all honesty, it simply doesn’t make sense to limit your syndication capabilities to your other accounts, for such a low cost. For starting at just $9.99 a month (or 33 cents a day!), most businesses and websites will be able to syndicate several content posts a month to a large majority of their accounts. Upgrading is a NO-BRAINER. We’ll set your account up as part of our automatic process, then alert you when it’s a good time to log in and upgrade it, if you want to.

Once that’s done, you’re all set!

How long does it take to setup my accounts and get everything configured and installed?

As we advertise, it typically takes 4 days or less! However, if it takes a little longer, it’s only because we’re really busy! 🙂 You can be assured that we will do our utmost to stick to this time window. And if we miss it by a day or two, we hope you’ll understand and will greatly appreciate your patience! 🙂

Will I have sole, secure access to all of my accounts?

Absolutely! We will only need access to your accounts during the setup and configuration process (we set a default password for all your accounts). Once we’re done, you’ll get a full excel report of all your account information. Simply log into each account and change/reset your password to make them fully secure again at your option. You will only need to do this once!

What are the requirements for the WordPress syndication plugin you install? Can I install it myself?

The plugin will work on most up to date WordPress installations. Just make sure you have Ioncube active on your hosting account — check with your hosting provider, most already have it active. If your site is hosted on Godaddy, you will need to have Ioncube activated. We can do this for you, at a nominal service charge.

We will need at the very least admin access to your WordPress dashboard to install the plugin, and/or FTP access. Our tech will let you know once they log in. You do have the option to install the plugin yourself. But we will still need temporary admin access to your WordPress to activate the plugin with our encrypted key, and to configure it to work with all your accounts, which is part of the service! We’ll do it all for you, so you don’t have to! Just let us do everything! 🙂

I’m hearing a lot of talk about IFTTT, I see you guys install this as part of the service. Will you configure it also?

YES! IFTTT is a fantastically robust service that allows you to install “recipes” of different actions based on what you do with content from one or more sites. Rather than use up a whole page to explain it, just go to, you’ll see what it’s all about! We already have a proven set of syndication recipes that we will install for you to work with your accounts! So your IFTTT will be ready to roll from day one! The best part is, you’ll be able to continue customizing your IFTTT configuration even more as you go along! It’s a great FREE service (at least still, for now!), so we’ll make sure you get the most out of it! And yes, even with all of IFTTT’s cool capabilities, we still recommend you upgrade Hootsuite or Onlywire for maximum syndication leverage.

What if I want to utilize an alias or random names/data on my accounts, is that a problem?

Not a problem at all! You tell us how you want your account profiles to read when you order!

What about duplicate content? Should I be concerned about syndicating duplicate content?

Google has announced that syndicating duplicate content via your social media channels will not penalize your site’s overall SERP. If you’re looking to get viral sharing of links and content via other social bookmarks, then it may be beneficial to spin your content. Your syndication plugin does give you the ability to utilize top spinning programs like TheBestSpinner, SpinnerChief, and SpinRewriter via their API’s if you wish!

So what you are saying is, that once you install and configure everything on my WordPress site, and my accounts, that there is literally nothing else I will need to do syndicate my content out to all my applicable social and web 2.0 sites? Nothing?

That’s right. We will set up everything, and you are good to go! Remember, you’ll always have the option to further customize and develop your content syndication strategies as you go along! Our service package gives you the ultimate flexibility, the best tools, and the ultimate marketing power, right out of the box!

Do you have other questions?? No problem! Just email us or leave a comment below! We’ll be glad to help!

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