We’re All Mobile Marketers Now

Time spent on mobile, specifically on smartphones, will eclipse has eclipsed desktop/laptop use for people in the U.S. and parts of Europe. eMarketer is showing that ad spend is shifting as well and mobile will overcome desktop by 2017. They estimate that in 2014, desktop ad spend will grow .41 percent while mobile will grow 56 percent to about $15 billion.

And search and social have quickly become the best ways to reach mobile consumers at scale. Google still takes the lion’s share of mobile ad spend, but Facebook’s remarkable growth in 2013 has made them a clear leader as well. This becomes abundantly clear as 73 percent of daily Facebook users in Q4 2013 were onmobile.

If you’re running digital marketing programs or posting to Facebook, you’re a mobile marketer.

As a parent of girls ranging in age from 8 to 13, I’m lucky to see the next generation of digital natives grow up. Here’s my theory: Everyone – starting with toddlers playing with iPhones in the stroller while their parents eat lunch, to the wisest of elders – will be mobile-first. This means mobile will be the primary and most-used digital device we own. Wearables and smart devices like watches, glasses, and tennis rackets for example, will join the fun but our phones will be the hub of our digital existence.

How has marketing changed in a world where everyone is a smartphone super user?

Well, let’s start by taking a bird’s-eye view of the current mobile ecosystem through the lens of digital marketing.

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