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Get Your Website Mobile!

According to all the stats, mobile browsing currently accounts for more than 40% of all internet traffic and increasing exponentially! It’s projected to surpass PC/laptop browsing by end of 2014! If your business’ website is not optimized for mobile browsing, you are not only missing out on tons of potential leads and sales, you are easily WASTING 40% OR MORE OF YOUR TRAFFIC.

Optimizing your website so it’s clean and effective on devices like smartphones and tablets (including the huge selling Ipads, and Android-based tablets), is no longer an option. At least if you’re serious about your business. You can’t afford NOT to have a mobile-friendly site.

To get an example of how mobile browsing works, just go to this very website on a smartphone or a tablet ( You will see the responsive layout and configuration compared to our standard site. It makes navigating the website via smaller smartphone and tablet screens more practical and optimal. This means you will get more mobile visitors to “stick” to your site, and that means more sales!

The good news is, for most websites, the cost to implement mobile browsing technology is very painless. Especially if your site is on WordPress (Is your site not on WordPress yet? Check out THIS SECTION, we can fix that!). This is despite the fact that many service providers are charging exorbitant rates for implementing mobile site capabilities!

We offer two core option groups for Implementing a mobile site!

For websites already running on WordPress 

Installation of necessary plugins and extensions to support Mobile Site Browsing (Your existing regular site theme will not be affected). Installation of a basic mobile theme or custom mobile theme is included.


With basic mobile theme – $97.00 – Click to Order

With custom mobile theme (includes custom header graphic and other elements) – $167.00 – Click to Order


For websites NOT on WordPress

Site migration to WordPress platform  PLUS Installation of mobile theme as described in Option 1. For more information on our WordPress services, please go here! 


With basic mobile theme – $317 – Click to Order

With custom mobile theme (includes custom header graphic and other elements) – $377.00 – Click to Order

Note: these rates reflect a 10% discount on the cost of both services since they will be implemented together!

Click the links above to order! We can have your mobile site up and running in as little as 7 to 10 days!

Important notes before you order:

1. We will need temporary access to your website’s content management if WordPress – (NOTE: WordPress is highly recommended! If you don’t have WordPress yet, ask us about migrating your site, we can do so easily!) area, or your site’s control panel or FTP to install the necessary SEO content and optimization. Once we are finished, you can simply restrict access again.

2. Please be aware that the basic mobile browser theme will be very minimal in look compared to your website. That’s what is supposed to happen to allow your site to work on many different types of mobile devices! Custom themes will be more personalized to your site graphically, but they will also have a basic/minimalist look.

3. We fully guarantee our service. If we don’t deliver exactly what you order, we will gladly give you a prompt refund within 60 days! Our goal is to get you results.

4. Some landing pages may need to be enhanced or have mobile versions made for proper displaying on the mobile interface. If this is the case, we will let you know, and what the best solution will be.

5. These options are good for more than 90% of the business-type websites running on the net. However, if you have an elaborate website with a good amount of custom development and programming running on it, then more than likely none of these options will work for you. If you have a major and elaborate website, contact us! We can still help you!

Have more questions? Please be sure to consult our FAQ and if you still have questions, by all means contact us (feel free to use the easy comment form at the bottom of any page on this site, we make it easy!).

To order, simply click on the button for the service you want. You will be able to pay easily and securely via Paypal after submitting your order.

We look forward to being of service! Be sure to check out our other services via the menu on the top of the site.