Social Media Marketing

Make no mistake about it. It’s absolutely CRITICAL that your business be effectively engaged on Social Media online. At this stage, it can make or break your business. Don’t let that happen!

What is “Social Media” anyway?


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Just some of the many social networking/media sites out there.


Social Media is that latest layer of the internet that has proven to be incredibly powerful. This layer consists of social media/networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and now Pinterest among many others. SM allows individuals, families, affinity groups and whole organizations cross-connect and communicate easily and effortlessly. Before Social Media, clunky email lists, congested forums, and other group sites were the norm. Though all those channels still exist, Social Media is now the norm, by far. Even better, because it can be accessed and utilized on virtually any device vs. just a computer with a web browser, it’s effectiveness for connecting and communicating is only further enhanced.

These days, anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or any other net-enabled device can easily access social media. They can do more than what they could do before only on their PC or laptop. Social networking allows people to stay connected virtually and instantly. No matter where they are in the world.

Make Connections, STAY Connected!

Effective utilization of SM has revolutionized journalism, communications, politics, and yes, business. Businesses who effectively utilize Social Networking can see their sales and customer retention skyrocket. Properly utilizing social media allows businesses to stay connected with their customers and clients in a way that is fresh, entertaining and unobtrusive.

What’s more, utilizing Social Media will DRAMATICALLY improve your business’ visibility and credibility. This means new sales from places that were never considered before. We’ll show you how!

If you have a business, and don’t yet know how to effectively utilize it for your business, don’t worry. That’s what we are here for. We will take the learning curve out of the equation. We will set up an easy to manage, automated, and effective Social Media Marketing program just for your business. We will show you how via a few simple steps, as little as once or twice a week, will boost sales, referrals, and customer participation. And utilizing all the best channels that Social Media has to offer. Best of all, we can do it all for just an incredibly low rate.


Social Media/Web 2.0 Accounts and Syndication Package! 

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Social Marketing Program

Includes full setup of all social media accounts, and customization. Also includes full automated implementation of social media hubs such as for easy management, updates, and syndication. Once everything is setup, you will be able to fully manage your Social Marketing quickly and easily from ANY computer, tablet or smartphone. Anywhere in the world! Your business will be active and accessible via as many as 90 different SM networks around the globe. Including all the majors such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and so on. Once everything is setup, you will be able to manage the entire network in minutes!

Cost – $197.00 – Click to Order

You will be given a full report along with all access, passwords and account information once it’s completed and set up!

Ongoing Social Marketing Management Program

Feel like you don’t have the time or the staff to manage your SM program once it’s up? Want to be sure it stays effective and active at all times. Let us do it for you! We’ll implement an effective scheduled system of relevant content and updates to your SM network once we’ve built it. We’ll obtain relevant articles, and content to keep your audience updated and interested!  Best of all, you will still have full access and control of your network to update whenever you want.

Monthly cost – $57.00 per month – (NO contract! Cancel anytime)

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Once a month, you will get a full log/report of all the activity on your SM network. We guarantee at least one relevant update per week, and unlimited informative/sharing updates per month via our specialized automated feed channels.