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"Tony... where do I begin? I don't think a "thank you" is going to cut it. A few weeks back I was closing in to my launch.. and I was planning to write the sales copy myself. After a few attempts I realized that wasn't going to work - so I send out a few emails to various writers offering there service here on WF. Your reply immediately stood out between the rest, so I figured to "give it a go". Probably one of the better decision of this launch Why? Well.. I guess I'll just let the numbers talk. Turned out to be the best converting sales page I created so far - and we did just over $585,000 in sales within the first 7 days. WAY above my expectations. Definitely a keeper."
Wilco DeKreijSaaS Developer/Marketer - Connectio
"My latest product release was for a product called Niche Genetics and it was our best product release yet, Tony played a huge part in the success and I don’t think we could have reached the numbers we did without his services. We went on to secure JVzoo product of the day and even hit the top 10 selling products in JVzoo for the last 30 days. Tony was great to work with, he had a great understanding of our topic/audience and spent time with me to come up with a perfect sales letter. In fact…after seeing Tony’s work I later decided to hire him again to re-write my sales video, my OTO’s and absolutely everything related to the sales funnel…He even played part in helping me put together a pre-launch report that both myself and affiliates could use to warm users up to the Niche genetics launch. Tony is very tactful, strategic, skillful and a true professional in his field, when he advises to do something then I suggest you pay close attention. His advice comes from years of marketing experience. This was the first time we worked with a copy writer and I don’t think I will ever release a product without a copywriter again…Tony you have a customer for life. My only regret is that I didn’t find Tony sooner."
Abbs RavjiSoftware developer/internet marketer

It's simple...

Get your copy done right by an experienced pro.

You'll save yourself tons of frustration, time and of course, lost sales.

Good copy can easily mean the difference between success and failure.

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"I've been in the IM space for over 11 years and worked with many copywriters before but I have to say Tony is the real deal. His attention to detail and dedication towards the project are unmatched. We wanted to test a new copywriter to add to our team and Tony delivered results. We were able to double our launch revenue compared to our previous launches, the FE sales copy he wrote of us converted at 12% to 14% and our product was the #1 bestseller in the 8 days of launch. If you are looking for a copywriter who can deliver you results, get in touch with Tony. "
Paul PonnaApp Developer/Marketer - #1 on JVZoo
"Hey Tony I just thought I'd leave you a quick testimonial for the copy you just wrote for my sales page and sales video. It absolutely rocks and I can't wait to see it in action. As usual you always go one step beyond what's expected and I'm grateful for that. It's probably why I keep coming back again and again! "
Alan YoungInternet Marketer - Online Super Ninja

Regardless of the kind of copy problems that you're having...
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"WOW! I just finished reading the copy Tony delivered to me and was blown away! He took the awful copy I wrote and rewrote it to the point where you would think I was a professional writer. It reads awesome! After reading his copy I wanted to buy my own e-book ;-) I'm really happy at the quality and it's beyond my expectation! Tony delivered within his expected time frame and even made some revisions based on some new information I needed to give him. I wasn't expected it, but he even formatted the copy and let me know where to insert buy buttons and testimonials for maximum conversions. Trust me when I saw you're getting a steal with his offer because he could easily charge A LOT more for the quality of his writing. I'm grateful for his help.... And here's the kicker...Within 10 minutes of updating my copy with Tony's I received my first sale! My offer has been live for about 4 weeks and I've been getting traffic, but no sales and with the revised copy I received my first sale! :-) I will be using Tony for all future copy projects! He get's a 10 out 10!"
Josh HoughtonInternet Marketer - Health/Fitness Niches
"This is my third time ordering from Tony. Not only his rate is reasonable, but also he over delivers with extra headlines, and sometimes, re-tweaks without asking. Don't be surprise you get the 'final' copy in the morning, but another even better' 'ultimate' revision in the evening because he is so passionate about his work. Yes, he does this many times to me that he doesn't stop tweaking until he is 100% satisfy to his work. No, I didn't ask him for any revision or pay extra for this because he wants to guarantee every piece of the work he returns is a masterpiece. You just need to try his work. If you are in doubt, you can PM me for further proof. I can stand behind him for his work. "
Toby WongWordpress Developer


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Frequently Asked Questions:
What is your guarantee?

Simple. If you’re not happy, I’m not happy. If you don’t see at least a better response rate from what you were getting before you hired me, then let me know. We’ll figure out what's going on. I'll do what I can to get it working right for you, and/or let you know what you need to fix on your site.

How many revisions do I get?

You’ll get one round of basic revisions/edits. To keep costs low, I have to limit the number of revisions on a project. I can assure you that the copy you get from me will be better than your original, and should give you better results.

That said, I often tweak/review copy on my own if I think I can make it better. In which case, you'll get a newly revised version within a few days of your final version. If I think I can improve it after I'm done with your rewrite, and I have the time, I will definitely try!

Note: If you want different versions of your original copy to do A/B split-testing, etc. please ask me for a quote for multiple rewrite versions. I’ll work with you best I can.

Will you do the HTML formatting and/or graphics too?

I will provide your copy with the recommended formatting in .doc file format. Which can easily be converted to HTML if desired, with minimal tweaking. If you want to add enhanced graphics and design elements to your copy, you will need to get the services of a designer or do it yourself (not recommended unless you're GOOD).

I focus on what I do best, writing winning copy the generates results!

Be aware that I have a couple of outstanding designers I work with regularly who can handle your design work needs at a competitive cost. If you would like a quote, just contact me.

What is your turnaround time?

I typically complete rewrites within 14 days of receipt of your paid order, and as long as all the needed information come along with it. I keep deadlines about 99% of the time.

Note: If my workload is high and I need more time to complete your rewrite, I will notify you when I receive your order in regards the deadline I can make. If you approve of the time-frame, we will proceed. Otherwise, you will have the option to cancel.

Do you have/provide work samples?

Feel free to check out my online portfolio here!

I only provide job/niche-specific work samples when discussing original copy projects with higher-level budgets, thanks for understanding.

Are there any limits as to what you can do at these low rates?

To keep my rewriting rates reasonably low and viable, I have to keep the time spent on each rewrite project extremely lean and efficient.

Which means I can’t “interview/audition” for work at these rates. Doing so takes significant time and back-and-forth dialogue, which increases my time requirements, and ultimately the project costs and budget requirements.

As long as I have the existing copy and don't need to spend any time on research or interviewing the client, these rates apply.

Why? Because I believe that anybody should have access to professional copywriting, regardless of what budget they have to work with.

See, I live, eat, and breathe “paying it forward”. I walk the walk.

Besides, I much prefer spending time improving people's bad copy and creating value than interview for original copy projects which I seem to get anyway. It's just how I roll. :)

Have any other questions?

Feel free to contact me, you'll get a prompt response!

I look forward to being of service!

Tony Santos