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Get Your Copy Rewritten By A Pro.
Increase Sales While Saving Money!
Let’s face it. There’s copywriting,
Then there’s COPYWRITING.
If you don’t know the difference,
You will by the end of this page.
Please Read On....
Take it from a hardcore vet with over 25+ years worth of experience marketing online...
Successful copywriting is not easy.
I don’t care what the “gurus” say.

I don’t care how easy the smooth-talking internet marketers make it sound.

Effective, original, emotion-triggering copy is hard.

It’s not only a science, it’s an art.
Yes, it’s a skill that can indeed be learned,
but that requires three things:


Real World Experience


Unless you have effectively covered all three aspects, your chances of writing successful copy go down. Dramatically.

That’s just the long and the short of it.

This is why a good copywriter is worth his or her weight in gold to businesses and marketers.

Why take the time and spend the money to try to become a good copywriter, when you can easily tap into a skilled and experienced one?
Beware of "Boilerplate" Sales Copy!

In recent years, a formulaic, "dumbed down" style of copywriting has literally run amok on the internet.

If you've looked at even a few sales pages recently, you probably know what I mean. In this world of prefab, and/or cookie-cutter sales pages and letters everywhere you look, this raises the stakes of the game.

Why? Because it gets harder and harder for copy to effectively stand out of the crowd. You can be sure that this affects results. Badly.

I'll go even further. Things have gotten so bad, that many marketers are going to extremes on the visual side of things.

How? By resorting to excessive, hype-riddled graphics, colors, glitz and loud, overbearing videos. All to try to get their sales pages to pop and keep visitors "hypnotized".

The result in most cases? Sensory overload for the prospective visitor. People get quickly overwhelmed. The sales message gets lost in a haze of colors, noise, visuals and chaos.

This results in visitor burnout, who click away in droves. That means higher bounce rates, lower conversions, lower opt-in rates and... lower profits. :(

Think about it for a second. 

How many garishly bad sales or squeeze pages have YOU clicked away from in a hurry lately?

How many pages have you seen riddled with horrible typos and grade-school-level grammar?


Be assured that this affects credibility and that downright critical first-impression.

And never in a good way.

From personal observation, I can tell you this. There is some pretty horrific sales copy out here.

Whether on forums, sites like Facebook, Linkedin or just the internet in general.

Everything from grammatical/typographical train-wrecks to downright nonsensical, hype-bloated copy that clearly Does. Not. Work.

What's even worse? There are "copywriters" shamelessly taking people's money to churn out just plain bad, ineffective copy.

Take it from me. Much of the work I do is fixing work done by other copywriters. I'm still amazed at some of the utter garbage that well-meaning clients have paid for. It's sad.

Too often, I come across people who read some kindle book and/or bought an overpriced copywriting course. All of a sudden they're self-declared marketing geniuses.

How do I know? They all promote themselves the same way. They all say the same thing!

It simply doesn't work that way. A book or a course, does not a successful copywriter make.

It takes time and practice to become a proven copywriter.
If you leave this page with
nothing else,
please take this advice:
Beware of these instant fake "marketing geniuses" and stay away from the boilerplate sales copy junk that's everywhere. You'll do yourself a huge favor.

It's simple. Get your sales copy done right, preferably the first time.

You'll save yourself tons of frustration, time and of course, money.

Good copy can mean the difference between success and failure.
Who am I to talk?
How can I help you?

Good questions...

I'm Tony. I have been doing sales, marketing and consulting most of my adult life.

You can read my story here.

During my "temporary retirement", I kept getting offered writing and consulting projects by former clients and/or colleagues. Apparently some people didn't get the memo.

When I wasn't sailing or traveling, I'd take on one or two. Why not? 

Surprisingly, I found myself enjoying the vast majority of those projects. I also liked how these projects helped keep my travel fund topped up!

My favorite work of course is... writing!

Over the years, I have personally written and/or rewritten hundreds of thousands of words of copy. Let's just say I know a thing or two about it.

And yes, I can help you!

It doesn't matter what kind of copy you need...
I Can Deliver!
  • Website copy that pulls in leads and/or orders!
  • Sales or landing pages that generate results!
  • Video sales letters that will engage visitors!
  • Squeeze pages that will suck in subscribers!
  • Emails that will get opened and clicked!
  • FB ad copy, banners or even solo ads!
  • Virtually any market or niche!
I can do all this and more.
Just tell me what you need!
Why choose me?

Despite my extensive business and technical background, I am a writer first and foremost. But my years of experience in dealing with technology, marketing and business management also come into play in my copywriting.

I attribute a huge part of my success to my ability to write winning copy.

I have a keen sense of what works and doesn't works when it comes to making an effective presentation.

It’s all about tapping into the reader’s emotions, fears, needs and wants. Then, getting them to act!

Look, I love writing.
I don't even consider it work.
Writing has been a huge passion for most of my life. Unlike most people, I never get tired of doing it.

So for me, helping business owners improve their online presence with better copy is extremely gratifying.

So what are you waiting for?


Make the choice to get your website, ads and

other materials working profitably for you!

Isn't It Time To Stop
Losing Sales Or Leads?
Get A Quality, Professional Rewrite of Your Copy Right Now -

Rates Start at just $25.00!
Order Your Rewrite Service Based
On The Length Of Your Existing Copy!

Up To 250 Words

Up To 750 Words

Up To 1250 Words

Up To 2500 Words



Need Original Copy?
Frequently Asked Questions:

What is your guarantee?

I guarantee satisfaction for my work. If you’re not happy, I’m not happy. If you don’t see at least a better response rate from what you were getting before you hired me, then let me know. We’ll figure out why it's happening and I'll do what I can to get it working right for you.

How many revisions do I get?

You’ll get one round of basic revisions/edits. To keep costs low, I have to limit the amount of revisions on a project. I can assure you that whatever work you get from me will be better than what you gave me, as well as be more effective for you.

That said, I often tweak/review copy on my own if I think I can make it better. In which case, you'll get a new revised version within a couple of days of your final version. If I think I can make it better after I'm done with your copy, I will definitely try!

Note: If you want entirely different versions of copy to do split-testing, etc. please ask me for a quote for a package deal on multiple versions. I’ll work with you best I can!

What is your turnaround time?

I typically complete jobs within 21 days of paid order receipt, and if all the needed information/material come with your order. Depending on my current workload. I keep deadlines around 99% of the time. Note: If my workload is high and I need more time to complete the rewrite, I will notify you when I receive your order. If you approve of the timeframe, we will proceed. Otherwise you have the option to cancel.

Have other questions? Feel free to contact me! You'll get a prompt response!

All the best!
Tony Santos

Do you have/provide work samples?

I only provide work samples when discussing jobs for original copy, thanks for understanding.

To keep my rewriting rates reasonably low and viable, I have to keep the time spent on each rewrite project lean and efficient.

That means I can’t “audition” for work at these rates. It takes significant time and back-and-forth dialogue, which increases my time requirements and therefore my costs.

My solid reviews (find more here) should convince you that I will deliver results.

Understand that I know my rates are ridiculously low for what I deliver. I am a highly experienced copywriter with a track record.

While I have no problem charging more standard hourly rates for copywriting services when the projects warrant (and I do!), I insist on offering viable rewriting services at these lower rates anyway. As long as I have the existing copy and don't need to spend any time on research or interviewing the client, these rates apply.

Why? Because I think anybody should have access to professional copywriting services regardless of what budget they have to work with.

I live, eat, and breathe “paying it forward”. Besides, I much prefer spending time improving people's bad copy and creating value, than auditioning and/or interviewing for work at higher rates. Just how I roll.

I work more productively, can manage my time better, and best of all, save time on marketing myself. I pass that time savings on to you in the form of lower rates for rewrites. Everybody wins!
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